Brazilian Herbal Tea’s blend of guarana
Herbalife N-R-G Tea: Natural Energy in Every Sip
Stay Refreshed and Energized with Herbalife's Herbal Tea Blends
Stay Refreshed and Energized with Herbalife's Herbal Tea Blends
Brazilian Herbal Tea’s blend of guarana

N-R-G Tea | Brazilian Herbal Tea | Lowest price.


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Product Description

Energize Your Day with Herbalife N-R-G Tea or Brazilian Herbal Tea!

Product Overview:

Get recharged with this uplifting tea blend of guarana, orange pekoe and lemon peel. Guarana contains caffeine, which increases mental alertness and concentration while providing a gentle pick-me-up. Enjoy this delicious powder mix at home or on the go.

Herbal Nutrition Geeks

Features and Benefits:

🍃 Enjoy a gentle boost, hot or cold

🍃 Approximately 40 mg of caffeine per serving which increases mental alertness and provides a gentle pick-me-up

🍃 Instant tea mix with 0 calories

🍃 Reduces fatigue

🍃 Also available in tablet form

For optimal experience, mix a little less than 1⁄2 tsp. (1 g) with 6 to 12 fl. oz. of hot or cold water



Maltodextrin, Orange Pekoe Extract (Leaf), Guarana Seed Extract, Natural Lemon Peel Flavor, Citric Acid and Natural Caffeine Powder. Contains bioengineered food ingredients.


🍂 Tea: Mix a little less than 1/2 tsp. (1 gram) with 6 to 12 fluid ounces of hot or cold water.

🍂 Enjoy 1–2 servings per day.


Fast Facts: 

⏩ a. Herbal Energy Boost:

    • Herbalife N-R-G Tea, also known as Herbalife Brazilian Herbal Tea, is a herbal infusion formulated to provide a natural energy boost.

⏩ b. Key Ingredients:

    • Enriched with key ingredients such as guarana, orange pekoe tea, and green tea extract, N-R-G Tea aims to support alertness and vitality.

⏩ c. Thermogenic Properties:

    • The blend of herbs in N-R-G Tea may have thermogenic properties, potentially assisting in increasing calorie burning and fat utilization.

⏩ d. Refreshing Beverage:

    • N-R-G Tea can be enjoyed as a refreshing hot or cold beverage, making it suitable for any time of the day when an energy lift is desired.

⏩ e. Convenient Sachets:

    • The tea comes in convenient sachets, allowing for easy preparation and portability, making it a convenient option for on-the-go energy.


Product Specification:

♻️ Brand: Herbalife

♻️ Product: N-R-G Tea | Brazilian Herbal Tea

♻️ Flavor: guarana, orange pekoe and lemon peel

♻️ Size: 60g

♻️ ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Black Tea Extract, Orange Pekoe Tea Extract, Pomegranate Rind Extract, Hibiscus Flower Extract.

♻️ Country of Origin: [USA]


» Q1. What is the best time to enjoy Herbalife N-R-G Tea?

    • N-R-G Tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day when an energy boost is desired. Whether you prefer it in the morning to kickstart your day or in the afternoon to combat fatigue, N-R-G Tea provides a natural pick-me-up.

» Q2. How do I prepare Herbalife N-R-G Tea?

    • Simply add one sachet of N-R-G Tea to hot or cold water, according to your preference. Allow it to steep for a few minutes before consuming. For a refreshing twist, you can also add ice cubes and enjoy it as a chilled beverage.

» Q3. Does N-R-G Tea contain caffeine?

    • Yes, N-R-G Tea contains caffeine from natural sources such as guarana and green tea extract. The caffeine content can provide a natural energy boost without the jitters often associated with synthetic sources of caffeine.

» Q4. Can N-R-G Tea be consumed by individuals with caffeine sensitivity?

    • Individuals with caffeine sensitivity should exercise caution when consuming N-R-G Tea and may want to start with a smaller amount to assess their tolerance. Alternatively, they can opt for the decaffeinated version if available.

» Q5. Can N-R-G Tea help with weight loss?

    • While N-R-G Tea may support metabolism and energy levels, it is not a weight loss product on its own. It is best used as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle to complement overall wellness efforts.


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  1. NutritionGeeks

    Herbalife N-R-G Tea and Brazilian Herbal Tea are not just beverages; they’re your passport to a refreshing and revitalizing experience. Sip your way to renewed energy and vitality with every cup!

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Herbalife is a helpful way to lose weight or maintain your weight. People think that losing weight by only try this product and not working out or eating a healthy meal. The results start working after a few weeks or up to a few months, Herbalife should be taken for your entire life, not for the moment. People should stop thinking that is product is going to miracles less than a week. I used to have back pain for months and I tried Xtra-calcium or joint support and this made my back feel better and made me more active.
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It's wonderful products overall and it's overall 93 countries. Daily 8.3 million shake is being consumed. Many life transformations have happened. The excellent build community. Positive mindset. For those who have given bad and 1-star reviews - "Bees don't explain they are better than flies ." All the best to haters. They always gonna hate.
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Herbalife nutrition has transformed me for the better. I was overweight and could not control myself. Luckily for me, I met a distributor who threw a challenge for me to try their products. I purchased the shake (formula 1), beverage tea and herbal aloe concentrated drink. I followed the instructions as directed by the distributor, and there was a change in my life. I am now living an active lifestyle, full of self-confidence.

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